2017 Client Appreciation Trivia

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2017 Client Appreciation Event at the Willis Case Tavern! If you missed any of the questions or answers, here you go!!!

What’s 361 feet high that weighs exactly 1 ton?

           It’s a stack of one million US $1 bills!

Who are the richest people in the world?

         William Gates III, USA - $75 billion

         Amancio Ortega, Spain, Zara - $67 billion

         Warren Buffett, USA, Berkshire Hathaway – $6o.8 billion

         Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico, telecommunications - $50 billion

         Jeff Bezos, USA, Amazon - $45.2 billion

         Mark Zuckerberg, USA, Facebook - $46.2 billion

         Larry Ellison, USA, Oracle - $43.6 billion

What do all of the following items have in common: conch shells, ivory, salt, clay, live animals, and grain.

        Before money was made of bills and coins, they were all used as currency.

From which period are the first records of loans, deposits, currency validation and exchange?

        18th Century BC in Babylon.

If you have 10,000 US bills, on average, how many would be counterfeit?

        3 in every 10,000 US bills is counterfeit. Around 75% of counterfeit currency is found and destroyed before it ever reaches the public. Approximately 1 in every 10,000 US bills is such a good  

        counterfeit that it's nicknamed a "superdollar".

Of the “paper” currency that is currently being printed and distributed in the US, how many do NOT have a portrait of a past US Presidents depicted on the bill?

        2, Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin

       $1 – George Washington                                      $20 – Andrew Jackson

       $2 – Thomas Jefferson                                           $50 – Ulysses Grant

       $5 – Abraham Lincoln                                            $100 – Benjamin Franklin            

      $10 – Alexander Hamilton

     The 2020 redesign of the $20 will replace Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman.

How many grooves are around the circumference of a US Quarter?

      119, and no, the new guys didn’t count them…they have better things to do...like write this blog!

How many pets do Lynn and Rick have?

      8, 4 dogs and 4 cats

      Dogs: Katie, Pooka, Pete, Tallie

      Cats: Buzz, Beezu, Bella, Willow

What did HFS choose as it’s official logo in 2016?

       A hummingbird! See the previous blog post to find out why!

What the original name given to Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney?


How many stitches are on a standard MLB baseball?