Tax Cuts and Tax Returns....Thursday Thoughts

How will the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affect your tax returns? From state deductions to home offices, here is what you need to know: #ThursdayThoughts

Don't Forget The Lessons Learned after 2008

It's been ten years since the 2008 financial crisis, and some experts worry that Americans are falling back into old habits.

Common Money Mistakes to Avoid

From living off credit cards to not having an emergency fund, avoid these common money mistakes in your 20s to set yourself up for lifelong financial security:

The changes in tax law could lead to an increase in the number of people who will owe on their 2018 return.

The tax law passed late last year included slews of changes that will have wide impacts across the U.S. Among them is a likely jump in the numbers of Americans who'll owe taxes when they file 2018 returns. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently issued a report warning that more than 4.5 million taxpayers will come up short next April, unless they act now to adjust their withholding amounts.

High Schools and Colleges aren't helping young adults to become Financailly Literate

A majority of young Americans are not financially literate upon graduating high school. How does this lack of money management knowledge play out as students enter adulthood?

Three Money Managing Habits to Steal from the Super Wealthy

Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos, Jay Leno, and Kevin O'Leary are all very successful and considered to be very wealthy by almost every standard. In this article from CNBC, they collectively provide three very easy to follow pieces of advice to managing your finances and get started down the road to becoming financially secure.

Millenials vs iGen, they are very different.

Although this article focuses on the college experience for incoming members of the iGen, it highlights the differences between the iGen (Generation Z if you must) and the Millenials. It also provides solid examples of how we can all adjust how to better provide services for the newest generation.

Little Things that Make a Big Difference in Productivity

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. See what tiny distractions are taking a toll on your productivity:

Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions!

The only “dumb” question is one you’re too afraid to ask! Don’t hesitate to ask your financial planners about money. Here’s how to overcome that fear:

Five Tips to Real Innovation

If you want to change the world, try starting with your company! Focus on these five tips to achieve real innovation: